Wednesday, March 3, 2010

P90X - Day Two

Saying that I was sore this morning was definitely an understatement. Yesterday I struggled through Core Synergistics. I say struggle because I was bringing it as best as I could and it just wasnt happening for me. I blame my exhaustion, and the fact that I waited so late in the evening to complete the tape.

Today, I'm sore. Big shocker. I have a feeling that "sore" will be a reoccuring theme as I work towards the big Day 90 finish line. 2 Days down, 88 to go. Ha ha. It seems far away, but honestly, I dont think that its quite as far away. It all depends on how you think about it.

Last night I pushed through it the best I could. Somewhere, in all the boxes from the move, are my resistance bands. My mission tonight is to uncover them and use them (if needed) during my workout.

Tonight is Shoulders & Arms and Ab Ripper X. Jon has told me that Ab Ripper X is pretty intense and that I'm definitely going to get a work out. I am nervous, but I will survive. I am going to bring it!