Tuesday, March 16, 2010

C25K - Day 1


I was a little intimidated by the C25K because i'm definitely not a runner, and even at my skinniest have never been one. I have very poor endurance, and so that is something that I definitely wanted to work on. All these blogs about running and loving it have definitely inspired me!

So, I logged in and downloaded the Week 1 podcast from Robert Ulrey ( and uploaded them to my ipod. I have to say that the beats are really fun and keep me going. I will definitely be running with Robert Ulrey all the way through the C25K :)

So I hit the gym after work on Monday night armed with water, my ipod, and the will to learn to love running. The workout went fabulous. I was challenged, but didnt feel as if I was going to die. I worked up an amazing sweat and was really proud of myself for pushing through the discomfort. Since I run on a treadmill, I was running at a 5 speed and then doing my brisk walk at a 3.5 - this seemed to work out just great for me.

All in all, the machine says that I burned around 215 calories. I am going to wear my heart right monitor from now on so that I can gauge how much I'm really burning while running.

I'm goign to run again tonight, but only because tomorrow is St. Paddys day and i'm not anticipating doing much exercise other then lifting a green beer to my lips!