Monday, March 1, 2010

P90X - Day One

Its been a while since my last post and I have had a lot of time to get myself back into the place where I could restart and continue my dieting and my efforts towards my bikini body. We have moved into our apartment and are settling in and unpacking. Seems like as good of a time as any to get my butt in gear and work towards becomming a P90X graduate.

Sunday afternoon I sat down and created a menu for the week broken down into the suggested intake of protein, carbs, veges, fruits, dairy, fat, and of course, a snack. I made it for the entire week and preplanned the menu that I would be consuming. Then, boyfriend and I hit the grocery store and bought all the food that we needed for the week as well as odds and ends that we needed like ketchup and what not.

Last night, I hit the gym with my personal trainer and kicked some behind. I'm getting started with a bang. I will be there again on Friday. After that, I came home to the smell of chicken breasts cooked in hot sauce and barbecue sauce coming from my crock pot. Utterly amazing to say the very, very least. I sat down, had my predetermined salad, and did some work on the computer.

Then it was time to get into the action. Since I had just earlier been to the gym and did my weight lifting I decided that I should probably start with Cardio X rather then Core Synergistics. So I popped in Cardio X and away we went.

Cardio X was pretty intense and I sweat through every minute of it! I struggled with the yoga portion of the video and its definitely something that i'm going to have to work on. I am proud to say that I feel that I really worked out pretty hard! I know I did because halfway through the video I ripped my shirt off. Then, since I was home alone, the pants ended up coming off! By the end of the tape I was standing there in my bra and underwear looking like a hot, sweaty, mess. I may come to like Cardio X, we shall see!

Day One: Completed!

I then hit the kitchen, ate my delicious chicken for dinner with some steamed carrots drizzled in olive oil, and life was good. I managed to hit every one of my needed nutrition elements for the day. So proud of myself!

Just as a giggle, I will share this... I was standing in my kitchen, a sweaty wreck after having eaten dinner, and boyfriend walks in the front door - he came home early to find me almost naked, doing the dishes. He was laughing as he chased me to my well deserved shower.

Ahhhh! Life is good!